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Shallow water acoustic inversion

EHL develops new techniques for geoacoustic characterization and acoustic tomography in shallow water environments:


Ultrasounds are sound waves characterized by frequencies greater than 20 kHz. EHL develops ultrasound techniques for medical and environmental applications. For example, in the ocean, the potential of ultrasonic imaging technology to identify subcentimetre free-swimming pelagic organisms is evaluated against optical imaging including digital holography microscopy. Acoustic frequencies of several megahertz are used to insonify a range of organisms including copepods, mysids and medusae and study their very specific acoustic signature.

Musical instruments

EHL has a longstanding partnership with the Musical Instruments Museum (MIM), and has been involved in the development of the "Labo du Son" dedicated to the scientific popularization of the physics of sound and instruments. The unit participates to the ANR French project CONSONNES on digital sound synthesis. The study of the physics of traditional African instruments in an ethno-musicological context at the Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA) is another example.

Acoustical characterization of materials

Understanding the fundamental mechanisms of sound propagation through and inside materials and providing innovative friendly-environmental solutions is of great importance in acoustics. EHL develops numerical, analytical and experimental methods to predict the vibro-acoustical behavior of fluid-saturated materials used in both air and underwater. An emphasis is given to innovative bioacoustical and multifunctional materials. For instance, innovative perforated facings effects are studied in order to improve their soundproof performance. The experimental characterization comprises ultrasound method and also direct and inverse measurement methods.